How To Win Every Competition You Attempt


Consider this:

If you were an applicant and there are 30,000 (Thirty thousand) applicants to 100 jobs at a single company, who are you competing against? 30,000 people or 100 people?

This question is one that people rarely (if ever) ask.

Who is your actual competition?

Let me give you a clue to the answer.

What Football Teaches Us About Competition

There are 20 clubs each season in the English Premier League. This past season, the clubs were Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Everton, Manchester United, Southampton, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Stoke City, West Ham, Hull City, Swansea, Norwich City, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Cardiff City and Fulham.

If, for example, I am the manager of Fulham FC, and I want to win the EPL title next season, who is my competition?

The answer to this question is the clue.

As the manager of Fulham FC, if I seriously wanted to win the EPL title, and I was willing to do everything it takes, I wouldn’t be studying what the manager of Aston Villa is doing.


Because even though Aston Villa has been in the EPL for many years, they are not going to win the EPL title anytime soon.


If as the manager of Fulham FC, I seriously wanted to win the EPL title, and I was willing to do everything it takes, I would be studying only what the managers of five clubs out of the twenty are doing.


I’m sure you already know the clubs. They are:

1. Manchester City
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Manchester United
5. Arsenal


These are the clubs that really want to win. These clubs take the necessary steps to win. They buy the players that can make them win, they get the coach that can make them win, they put their resources and time to winning the title, not avoiding relegation.

As the manager of Fulham FC, these are the clubs I’ll spend weeks studying. These are the clubs I’ll watch the videos of their past seasons. These are the clubs I’ll study their history.

After studying them, I’ll then create a strategy to snatch the EPL title from their hands, because I now fully know who I’m competing against.

How to Apply This

Let’s get back to my first question. Who is your competition? 30,000 or 100?

100 is the answer.

In case you don’t appreciate this, 100 is one-third of one percent of 30,000.

This may seem scary. But it’s actually a very good thing. Because, you can now construct in your mind the type of person that will be among the 100. What type of qualifications will this person have, and how can I get them? What kind of connections does this person have, and how can I get them? What kind of preparation is this person making, and how can I prepare like that?

This way of thinking will seem unusual to many people. But believe me, this is the way to win.


If you want it, if you really want it, you’re not competing against the losers. You’re competing against the winners.

And to beat a winner, you have to find the winner’s strategy, replicate it and then find a way to make it better.

And better.

And much better.

When you’ve done this, that is when you’ll win.

What Can You Do Now?

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  1. says

    This is so true and in relation to the NIS test over the weekend. i was nearly close to buying the form for 1k but when i saw the made rush for it in Lagos, i refrained. I never even knew it was a nationwide rush and the outcome was just astonishing. i keep thinking of all those people who just wasted their time thinking the job would be theirs. going back home and not doing the test is enough for anyone to commit suicide. God help Nigeria.

  2. ifunanya says

    I just stumbled across your blog today for the first time and I must really admit, there’s a lot of wisdom in what you write. Concerning this particular write-up, I’ve been able to reorient my thinking with regards to competition and how to emerge top by focusing on what’s important. Thank you very much!!!!

  3. Favie says

    You won’t cease to amaze me!!
    *The guy who thinks in 4D*
    Implementation is key and I promise to always adopt this mindset in all competitions…it is logical and will definitely work.

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