9 Lessons to Learn Before You Turn 30

before you turn 30


  1. Develop A Skill And Perfect It

The most successful people everywhere in the world look back to decisions they made in their twenties as those that put their lives on the path to success. If you want to be a caterer, stop waiting for money to go for classes. Volunteer to work weekends for free at a catering company around you. If you want to learn web design, and you’re broke, go to w3 schools online or meet a friend who is a web designer. If you want to be a writer, start a blog. Read what you need to read now and apply the knowledge. The time you’re wasting, thinking about how to start will haunt you in future.


  1. Don’t Wait For Money To Pursue Your Dream

If you want to do business, you can volunteer to work on weekends at the type of business you want to do. If you want a job in a particular industry and you can’t easily get it, apply for a 6-12 month internship and start work. It will open opportunities for you later and is a lot better than sitting at home. Waiting makes you mentally weak and drains all energy and hope from you.


  1. Start Saving And Investing Your Money Now

The best years to accumulate compound interest on any investment are in your twenties. Waiting till you get a job will make things much harder in future. Save what you can, no matter how little. Even if it is small, you would have developed a valuable habit.


  1. Start Before You’re Ready

Remember in your twenties, you have few responsibilities besides yourself. Many people in their twenties are unmarried and without kids. So, go ahead. Take a risk. Feel free to pursue your dreams earnestly. If you make a mistake and go totally broke. No one will die because of it. At worst you’ll move back in with your parents, think about your life for a week and get back into life without a major disaster. It is better to learn through experience than just sitting in fear of what you’re not sure exists.


  1. Learn What To Expect In The Future From Older, More Experienced People

Older people are around you for a reason. Their knowledge is valuable. They can save you years of pain if you learn from them. Ask them questions. Take advantage of their experience to avoid the mistakes they made and move your life forward with wisdom. Get into the habit of asking people older and more experienced than you questions like, “What do you wish you had known when you were my age?” or “What are the things you wish you started doing when you were my age?” You will be surprised at how helpful this will be over the course of your life.


  1. Develop Valuable Relationships

Choose the friends you want to keep in your life. Cut the friends that suck the life out of your emotions and your resources, but never add any value to your life. Create professional relationships too. If you’re in a job, find superiors in your company who can be mentors. If you’re in a business, find conferences and associations in your business where you can meet mentors. Remember that the greatest influences on your future success are the relationships you have.


  1. Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Process

The road to achieving your goals requires focus—a lot of focus. And this focus can make you lose sight of the beautiful things in life. I attended a seminar in April 2013 where Maneesh Garg, CEO of Nagode industries spoke about the lessons he learnt through his life. There was a time period allowed for asking questions. I asked him, “Sir, if you could do it over again, what would you wish you had known before starting?” His answer was disarming. He said, “I would take time to enjoy the process.” This is coming from a man whose company did N24bn turnover in 2011. Take time to enjoy the path to success. Although the top is good, it can also be lonely. So, make friends. Go out. Have fun with your loved ones. Create memories you want to remember in future. Let there be variety in your life.


  1. Show Love To Your Family

A client who lost her dad last year told me in a state of mourning, “Don’t take your parents for granted. Before you know it, they are gone.” Family is too important to take lightly. Say the important things you want to say, which you know they need to hear. If you don’t, you will regret it. If there are disputes in your family, try everything within your power to reconcile. Forgive them. Ask to be forgiven. Call a third party if necessary. Life is too short to keep grudges with the people we should love the most. When they are gone, you will wish you had the wisdom to reconcile.


  1. Have A Good Relationship With God

When you’re in your twenties, many times there is a certain feeling of uncertainty. You keep wondering how your life will turn out, whether you’ll find a good life partner, whether you’ll get a good job, whether your business will be successful and so on. This can be stressful. You need a place of certainty. A place where you can be certain of a love that is real and unconditional. And that is God. Your relationship with God gives you a balanced perspective on life and peace in your heart. This is more valuable than any success you will ever get.



What Can You Do Now?

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PS: Today is my birthday. I can’t reach you all one by one, so this article is my gift to you.




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  1. Sylva says

    Happy Birthday Mr Uchendu and thank you so much for this article. Obviously the time to start is NOW.

  2. says

    this really nice bro! Praying at every steps make u feel good about what you are doing because God will reward your effort and stop it if not necessary.

  3. says

    Thanks, all this I have done, except that i find it difficult to socialize.

    I’m a programmer, web designer and fine artist. I feel safer locked up inside than going outside (except for school). What i do most times is read, draw, paint and program. My girl friend I’ve always been the one taking the pain to start a relationship. See I own my business but how do i manage it?

    Thanks, include my email in your mailing list.

    • says

      Hi Ben.

      I understand. Social skills are very important, especially in interpersonal situations.

      There’s a really good book by Debra Fine titled “The Fine Art of Small Talk.”

      Find it. Buy it. Read it. It will help you a whole lot.

      As for your business, keep on the lookout on this blog. I’ll share a few things that have made me charge 110% higher that what a client was used to. And she was happy to pay.


  4. Ovie says

    This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read from a Nigerian writer. Just what I need at this time in my life.

    THank you so much.

  5. Victor says

    Wow! Nice write up bro…HBD, wullnp. Pls kindly send it to my email pls!! If you could send other write up of yours as well it will be welcome Sir. Thanks alot for your efforts……God bless ya. Takia bro.

  6. Grant says

    Thanks Mr. Uchendu for this invaluable life nuggets. A frnd sent me ur link but I was relunctant to open it @ first cos I thought it was one of those trash people post around social networks.I just Thank God that I opened it cos I’m so blessed..I’ll like to stay connected.. Cheers on your birthday..

  7. Atilola Adams says

    Thanks 4 d article bro, very close 2 30 without a goal…….. Is it a must??? Bt nevertheless i wil stil make use sum necessary steps. Api buffday in arrear. LLNP . Include me in mailing list

    • says

      Hello Atilola,

      Nice to know you’re planning to take action. Regardless of age, the most important thing is taking action on the things you want to do. That’s what brings progress.

      All the best

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