How To Find Your Talent


There are things you do that are simple or normal to you. You do them and don’t regard them as anything. They come so easy to you. But when people see you doing these things, it blows their minds. You need to find these things and find a way to grow them. Back in school […]

How to Get the Job You Want

Joe Aito

For the past three years, I have been working to develop myself. I worked on everything, but most especially on preparing myself for the future I wanted for myself. As part of this, I spent two of the past three years perfecting the skill of creating career connections in organisations I am interested in. I […]

9 Lessons to Learn Before You Turn 30

before you turn 30

  Develop A Skill And Perfect It The most successful people everywhere in the world look back to decisions they made in their twenties as those that put their lives on the path to success. If you want to be a caterer, stop waiting for money to go for classes. Volunteer to work weekends for […]

How To Waste Your Life (Part 3)


Read part 1 and part 2 also. Do you have any skill? I don’t mean Microsoft Office. That’s not a real skill. Advanced Microsoft Excel Automation is a skill. So, do you have a skill? Is there anything you can do right now which can help organisations and people, and can be exchanged for money […]

How To Win Every Competition You Attempt


Consider this: If you were an applicant and there are 30,000 (Thirty thousand) applicants to 100 jobs at a single company, who are you competing against? 30,000 people or 100 people? This question is one that people rarely (if ever) ask. Who is your actual competition? Let me give you a clue to the answer. […]